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Our Services

We offer more than just construction services.

Along with residential construction, commercial construction and land development in Tanzania, we offer a full suite of comprehensive construction support services and industrial supplies for the most challenging large-scale sites and structures. 

Civil Engineering & Construction

Reliability at every step.

Our civil engineering and construction department consist of four main areas.

  1. Construction and Engineering Management

  2. Water and Environmental Engineering

  3. Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering Informatics

  4. Geotechnical and Transport Engineering


Our Civil Engineering & Construction department is focused on the development of infrastructure. This includes water resource development and management, transport planning and road construction, design of large buildings and bridges, the interaction between structures and the earth, and all facets of construction management. We play a pivotal role in society and have the opportunity to improve the everyday lives of our clients.


Architectural Services

World-class design services from traditional to modern to Gen Z styles. Our services cover building performance systems that include structural systems design, heating ventilation, and air conditioning design, electrical and power design, and construction and project management. Our Architectural engineers use their knowledge and analytical skills to design “green” buildings that encourage sustainability and energy efficiency, serving the needs of our clients and our planet. 

Trained Labour Work

Expertise in each category and aspect of the project. Manpower has an extensive portfolio of experts in the field of construction and engineering to fit your needs. We also understand the importance of giving youth an opportunity in the field and thus we also offer our trained fresh graduates an opportunity to prove themselves. Whether you need unskilled, semi-skilled, or skilled workers, we got the solution for you.


Industrial Supplies

Tools and equipment that guarantee sustainability. We supply industrial uniforms and gear to large-scale mining equipment - get in touch for our product list.

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