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Nine - Cleaning Services

At Nine, we want to help you create a space that is clean, healthy, and conducive to productivity. We provide you with trained and professional cleaners so you and your team can focus on serving your clients. 


Qualified & Trained Cleaners for Offices.


9 Reasons why you should choose NINE.

Responsible Matching

We only place highly suitable and trained office helpers who are excited and prepared to work with you.

Happy Staff

We want our staff to be happy to come into work, and provide an exceptional service - that’s why fair wages and benefits are a core part of our business model.


Whether it is your first or fifth hire, we’ve got your back. Our team provides support and resources at every stage of your recruiting journey and whenever you need us, even post-placement!


Life happens - maternity leaves, sick days;  we provide backup staff when you need. We can also find staff that work within your unique working hours or outside of office hours. 

Training Services

Already found a cleaner?

If you’ve already found someone you’d like to train - our team takes pride in training to give you the best experience with your helper.

Network of Staff

Our network of cleaners are professionals and each application is vetted by us to ensure quality. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our guarantee promises that if you are not happy with one of our candidates or the service provided, you don’t pay.

Ethical & Transparent

We are Tanzania’s first placement agency that helps employers hire great office helpers, ethically and responsibly. Our ethical pledge means that we promise always to be transparent, reliable, and accountable - regardless of whether you are an employer or a worker.


We make hiring easy, and we only recommend helpers who are a good match for your needs.

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